Friday, July 15, 2005

Hanging Out In The Land Of Not Coping

Even though I was only gone one night, I'm feeling overwhelmingly behind on EVERYTHING today. The house is a mess. There are piles of laundry to do. I don't know what I'm fixing for supper tonight. I have done NOTHING quilty since Tuesday and really don't even know what I want to do once I take time to work. I'm waaaaay behind on both personal and list emails. And to top it all off, our oldest dog, Tansy, isn't doing well at all these days and J and I are starting to have The Talk about quality of life and hanging on versus letting go and how to decide when the time is right to choose one over the other. So in my best Scarlett "I'll think about it tomorrow" O'Hara tradition, I'm blowing off writing anything particularly relevant today and instead am posting my Debified version of a Meme I found on Diane Wilkes' blog. The DebR "I Don't Want To Deal With Life Today" Meme (with pictures) *Twenty years ago, I was --- in Colorado on vacation with my former college roommate, horseback riding, rafting, sleeping under the stars. (This is one of the few years where I know exactly where I was mid-July!) Here are a couple of photos of me in 1985... Standing in front of the Arkansas River, about to go whitewater rafting And learning how to barrel race In a more general sense for the year, I was single, living in the Cincinnati area, and working 2 jobs - one in retail and one in an office. This was about a year before I met my now-husband. *Ten years ago, I was --- living in Somerset, KY, married, working as a receptionist for a veterinary practice (I liked that job!), and making traditional quilts. I also think of '95 as the last year my family life felt "normal", as 1996 was when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I spent my anniversary that year ice fishing in Ontario (how romantic...snort!) This was during my long-blond-hair phase. *Five years ago, I was --- well, here and pretty much doing what I do now, except that I was running up to Cincinnati to see Mom almost every week. I was starting to get away from traditional quilt patterns a little. I had most of my hair cut off late in 1999, but it was still blond. Here's Johnny and me, with our friends Morven and Kerry in 2000 *One year ago, I was --- still here! :-) It was about this time last year that I dyed my hair RED and loved it. Morven came back from NZ for a visit in the fall of last year. Don't we make great bookends? DebR, Nancy, Bev, Morven *Yesterday, I --- drove home from Cincinnati, got my hair trimmed, bought groceries. *Today, I --- did laundry, wasted time on this meme. Heh. *Tomorrow, I --- get the newest Harry Potter book, along with about 40-gazillion other fans! *Five snacks I enjoy are --- oatmeal cookies, tortilla chips with hot salsa, popcorn, apples with peanutbutter, pretty much anything chocolate. Pretty sad, yes? I WANT to say veggies, but I went with honesty instead. Sigh. *Five bands/artists that I know the lyrics of MOST of their songs are --- Journey, the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Seger, REO Speedwagon. I now feel very old. *Five things I would do with $100,000,000 would be --- eliminate all our debts, invest some for the future, try to help some of my favorite people, TRAVEL! Oh wait...that's only 4...ok, shoes. There, that's 5. *Five locations I would run away to would be --- New Zealand, Italy, Greece, Hawaii (especially Maui), an island in the Caribbean (not that picky about which one!). *Five things I like doing (I'm going to list only non-quilty things, cuz I think the quilty things are a given) are --- reading, watching movies, playing cards/games, working puzzles, doing silly computer quizzes!!! *Five things I would never wear include --- a bikini (the world is SO not ready to see that), a thong (I'd rather go commando than deal with butt floss), wool (itchy!...I'm allergic), argyle (I think it's ugly), blue eyeshadow (it clashes with my eyes). *Five TV shows I like (ever) include --- Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Joss Whedon is a god), Firefly (JWiag), Angel (JWiag), Star Trek (any of 'em...pick one!), Northern Exposure *Five TV shows I like (current) include --- Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Rock Star: INXS *Five movies I like include --- American Dreamer, A Fish Called Wanda, Groundhog Day, My Cousin Vinny, The Full Monty (and so many, MANY more!...I started with comedies and didn't even dip into musicals, drama, scifi...). *Five famous people I'd like to meet (living) include --- Joss Whedon, Hilary Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg, Dean Koontz, 'most anyone from the Artful Quilters blog ring (Ok, admittedly that last one is kind of cheating, but still...) *Five famous people I'd like to meet (historical) include --- Amelia Earhart, Rachel Jackson, Jane Austen, Elizabeth I, Cleopatra *Five biggest joys at the moment include --- spending time with people I love, laughing at the sight of my dogs at play, reading a really super fantastic story, getting into the groove of making a quilt that feels RIGHT, blogging! *Five people I'll tag include --- no one, because I never send these things to people. But if you read this and feel like doing it too, I'd love to read it!

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