Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Finished Booking and Good Mail

Well, I did it. I finished HP6 before going to bed last night. Yay me! I won't say anything about it though, other than to say I liked it. No spoilers here! Now I'll get back to the book I was reading pre-Harry, and then maybe later this summer I'll start at the beginning of the HP series and read them all, ending with reading number six more slowly, so I can savor it instead of gulping it down at double speed! I got Good Mail yesterday! I didn't sign up for the whole art swap thing on a certain huge list that so many of us know, but I had mentioned in passing on a smaller list I'm on that I would be open to the idea of doing swaps for smaller works and a few people responded. I sent out some stuff last week and got my first piece back yesterday --- this wonderful Luna moth quilt by Karen Cote. It's hard to tell in the photo, since I took it against a black background, but the lower wing of the moth comes of the edge of the quilt. And there's all sorts of texture and dimension and beading. Yum! Thank you, KC! I love it! Now I just need to decide where to display it. (It's just pinned to my design wall at the moment, which is only very temporary!) If anyone wonders what KC chose in exchange, you can see a photo here. Ok, now that I've gotten Harry out of my system for the moment, it's back to the stooooodio for me today!

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