Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Postcard Thang - Updated!

After I posted yesterday, I heard from Virginia and I got the postcard I wanted. I am (or soon will be, anyway) the proud new owner of "Postcard #13" by Liz Berg! Yay Me!! I saw a few others throughout the auction that I would have loved to own, but it seemed like every time I saw a card I really wanted someone beat me to it, so I'm thrilled to have finally gotten a yes answer on one, and to have it be by one of the artists whose work was going lightning-fast too. YES! I hadn't intended to make any postcards for the auction myself, since a) I'd never made a fabric postcard and b) wasn't really sure I particularly WANTED to make one and c) also wasn't sure anyone would want to buy it if I did. But I'm so excited to see the donation number climbing on Virginia's site, that I changed my mind and decided to try it after all and see if I could finish a couple of things just under the wire and maybe help push that number a little higher. The first thing I did this morning was pulled out that little botanical color study I did earlier this month because I remembered it was the right size. So it was a simple matter to add a few seed beads and a postcard back and TaDa!...almost-instant fabric postcard. Then I made three little shoe quilt postcards. I'm calling this series Lime-Aid, since the shoes are all lime green and I made them to hopefully aid in raising money for the American Cancer Society. Here they are: Lime-Aid 1: Margaritaville Lime-Aid 2: Lime Wedge Lime-Aid 3: Dreams So, assuming Virginia wants these and I can get them to her in time, if you want a little DebR shoe quilt postcard, you know where they'll be! Guess I'll have to change that to "where they were". Virginia posted them this evening and they all sold. That was fun! :-)