Monday, November 06, 2006

Thanks, and a Nag, and a Tease

The Thanks BIG thank yous and cyberhugs to everyone who has commented or emailed about my last post. I really appreciate your thoughts and good wishes. It helped me a lot to write all that out. Most of the time I feel like I've dealt with the loss of my mom and I'm doing ok, but every now and then, even all these years later, something comes up - some aspect of the grieving process - that I find I still need to go through. It shouldn't take me by surprise anymore, but sometimes it still does. It just takes as long as it takes. Thank you for not running away when you come here expecting a bit of fun and find me handing you a bleeding chunk of my heart instead. I'm sure that has to be disconcerting. The Nag Now, in a complete change of subject, I want to echo what the lovely Amber said so eloquently in this post - if you are a US citizen, in just a few hours from when I'm posting this, the polls will be open and I want to urge you to get out and vote! The system may not be perfect, but people who came before us (and not so very long ago at that, if you are anyone other than white and male!) protested, were arrested, beaten, and sometimes died to make sure we have the right to make our voices heard on election day. So no excuses, y'all! Even if you're tired, or busy, or you don't feel good, or the weather is crappy, or, Or, OR. Just DO it. VOTE! If you don't vote you have NO right to bitch about the results, IMO. And if you're too disillusioned about the way the voting system works, then get involved in that issue after the election and maybe we can make some changes. The fact that I, as a woman, can vote tomorrow proves that changes can be made if we're willing to fight for them. The Tease RSR regulars will know that tomorrow is Self-Portrait Challenge day. I've taken a slew of photos for this month's challenge, only a few of which you'll end up seeing, but I just have to share this little teaser because it made me smile. For some of these portraits, I decided (in the spirit of trying for "all-out glamour") to wear false eyelashes. From some angles I liked how they looked, but from others they were SO over-the-top 1960's kitschy that I thought they looked hilarious - like I was trying out for a guest role on "I Dream of Jeannie" or something. So here, just for fun, is a little look at my eyes in falsies. See ya tomorrow!

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