Tuesday, October 31, 2006

SPC: Imperfection, Week 5 - Goofball

Do my eyes deceive me? After a month that has lasted approximately 11,847 days, can it truly be the LAST Tuesday in October?? It is, it really IS! And that means it's the last week of October's Self-Portrait Challenge theme of Imperfection. Yay! So, what one last horrid flaw should I share during this Paean to Flawed Humanity? Here it is - the sad truth. (You should maybe sit down because I think you'll be shocked. Or not.) Y'all, I'm not cool. I'm not dignified, or regal, or sophisticated. I am, in fact, a big ol' dorky goofball. I'm someone who, when she sees her 17-year-old niece wearing extra-long blue-and-silver false eyelashes doesn't think, "how silly" but instead thinks "oooh, I wants me some of those!" I'm someone who would grab those eyelashes off the table when said niece takes them off and would put them on herself and would then try to wink, despite the fact that I can't actually make my facial muscles create a proper wink. I can sort of close one eye if I squint the other one ALMOST closed and screw my face up into an unattractive grimace, but I don't think that's really winking. I'm someone who, when her sister grabs a camera and says "hey, hold up your wine glass and give us a thumbs up," doesn't think "well, no, that would look stupid" but instead says "Duuuuh, Okay!" and then posts the resultant photo on the internet. Aha, wine, you may be thinking. So this is like one of those drunks wearing a lampshade moments, right? Wrong. I had not yet finished even one glass of wine when this photo was taken. I wasn't drunk. I wasn't even slightly buzzed. This is just who I am. I hope I'm still allowed to appear in public now that I've revealed this terrible imperfection. Ahem. "Self-portrait as a Goofball" (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window) PS - Those of you who saw last Tuesday's SPC post, take note of the bruise just under my watch band - "a little clumsy," remember? And nope, I have no clue where or how I got that.

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