Monday, October 23, 2006

It's All About the Colors, Baby!

Quilty Colors Hhmmm, should I have told you to sit down before I said the Q-word? Well don't get too excited, I'm not working on anything major, but I did do a little sewing recently(ish). Remember I was meeting my friend Nancy for her birthday lunch this past Friday? Well I came bearing gifts. A group of us gave her a quilt block shower. We made enough blocks to give her one for each year of her life. (I won't say how many that was because I didn't ask if I could. Ahem.) All of them were blue and yellow star blocks and here are the ones I made: Maybe when she uses them all to make a quilt one of these days she'll let me post a photo of it. How about it, Nan? Artsy Colors After we had lunch, Nancy and I went to an exhibit of Impressionist art at the U.K. Art Museum. (In this case U.K. would be University of Kentucky, not United Kingdom.) Wish I could show you photos of some of what we saw, but of course they don't allow cameras. Check out what I bought at the gift shop though - light switch covers decopauged with bits of art prints. Cool, yes? The one with the Mucha print (on the left) is now in our library (aka 'puter room, aka studio), while the Gauguin one on the right is now in the kitchen. Autumn Colors And finally, for a few of you who have been asking to see what the fall colors look like here in Kentucky, here are some photos I took on the drive home - literally. I had the camera along and every now and then I just held it up and aimed it toward the front windshield or side window of the car and snapped, just to see what I'd get. The colors are a bit muted this year, especially since Friday was overcast, but here's a little photo series of my drive home from Lexington. The last couple are my Daily Art Thangs and all the photos on this post are clickable if you want to see them larger in a new window. On Paris Pike where a lot of the huge multi-million dollar horse farms (estates!) are. Not that you can see any of them in this shot, but trust me, they're here. If you look at the larger version, over on the far left of the photo you can just barely see the edge of one of the dry stone fences that are all over this part of the country. Ok, so it isn't exactly the Eiffel Tower, but it's a tower, it says "Paris," and I thought the trees at the base were pretty. On a stretch of road knows as Pleasant Valley. (You really should click this one and see it larger. The light was kind of cool.) Ok, even if you click the larger version you won't see much more than a tiny white speck, and in this smaller version you pretty much just have to take it on faith, but from the ridge I was driving on you JUST can see our house on another ridge in the distance. Also, check out the road curving away in the mirror in the lower left corner of the photo. Pretty nifty, eh? "Country Road" Just after you turn onto the road I live on, this is what you see. And yes, the road is just as narrow as it looks in this photo. It's about a lane and a half and if you meet another vehicle you both have to slow down and squeeeeze over until one set of tires is just off the edge of the road. Unless you meet here, where there IS no edge on one side and then someone has to back up. "Country Road 2" This is the view just past the end of our driveway - the last thing you'd see before you start up the hill to our house. Hope you enjoyed the autumn drive!

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