Monday, October 16, 2006

Time in a Bottle?

In one of those lovely cases of synchronicity that I enjoy so much (no sarcasm intended there, I really DO) the theme of this past weekend seems to have been Time. The prompt over at Sunday Scribblings yesterday was "If I Could Stop Time" and, while I don't participate in SS (at least so far), many of my favorite bloggers do and I've had a great time (Har!) reading some truly wonderful and imaginative writing this weekend. (Follow the link if you want to read them too. And BTW, do you think I could work just ONE more parenthetical aside into this paragraph if I worked at it really [really] hard? Guess so!) Then yesterday morning my friend Deirdre, who has a knack for finding cool websites, sent me a link to the Yahoo! Time Capsule Project. Am I the last person on earth to hear about it? Probably so, since I've said for years that one of these days the earth is going to end and I won't know about it until the next day. But ANYWAY, in case there's someone else out there reading this who hadn't heard of it either, here's what the project organizers are doing: "For 30 days, from October 10 until November 8, Yahoo! users worldwide can contribute photos, writings, videos, audio, even drawings– to this electronic anthropology project. This is the first time that digital data will be gathered and preserved for historical purposes. November 8, you will have helped create a digital legacy of our times, a mosaic of revealing snapshots that will be sealed and entrusted to Smithsonian Folkways Recordings based in Washington D.C., officially taking its place in history." Some of the categories for submissions include things like Faith, Hope, Sorrow, Anger, Love, Family, You, Beauty, Fun, Now. I think it's a pretty cool idea and I plan to take some of the photos I've already posted on my blog in the past year and a half (things that are therefore already out there in the public) and make it my goal to contribute something to each category before the deadline. Here's what I uploaded today: (clickable if you want to see them larger in a new window) If you want to see how my submissions appear on the site without clicking through thousands of entries to try and find them you can see them Here and Here. And if you want to submit something yourself, go Here. I'll warn you, I didn't find it the most user-friendly website in the world, but with a little perseverance I figured it out, and once I did it's pretty simple to submit something, so I hope some of you give it a try too. There was another thing or two I'd thought I might mention today, but this is getting long (wow, what a shock - NOT!), so I'll save those for another day and go ahead and get to today's Daily Art Thang. Even the DAT has a bit of a Time theme, as I took this photo when I noticed that my spring-blooming Bridal Wreath Spirea decided to put on a little fall show - first time in nine years I've ever seen it do that. "Out of Season" (also clickable) Y'know, "Out of Season" seemed to me to be the perfect title for that photo, but now I'm flashing back to the '70's and channeling REO Speedwagon. "I'm so out of season. You left me cold and I'm standin' here freezin'. I'm so out of season now...." It's a Time Thing.