Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #32

1. I waited until a bit later than usual to post anything today because I wanted to see what the US election results were. I was disappointed in our local results, where a candidate for a county office who (whom?? I can never remember that rule) I really wanted to win was defeated by only ~400 votes (!!!) and our district was one of the few pivotal Congressional races that didn't pull through and vote for a change of leadership. But I'm thrilled with the national results. The voters in most of the rest of the country did a much better job making their dissatisfaction with the current situation known. Yay! 2. And in a more private battlefield known as my living room - Y'all, there is an invasion of spiders in my house and it is Freaking. Me. Right-the-hell-OUT! One of those little buggers HAD to have gotten in here and had babies or something and now there are all these teeeeeeny-tiny little spiders that keep making webs on and around my favorite reading lamp. Did you catch that? My favorite reading lamp, y'all. That's personal. Every day I vacuum up webs and little invaders and I don't much more than turn around and there's more and I can NOT figure out where they're coming from. I'm having horrible paranoid thoughts about the possibility of a nest of some sort lurking in the depths of my couch, but I've vacuumed the parts I can reach and I can't do anything about the parts I can't reach, since I can't exactly literally tear it apart, as that would require buying a new one and I can't afford to do that. And where is the mother?? That thought is making me lose sleep. The little ones are too small to suck off my face in the night unless they team up and cooperate (shudder!) but Where. Is. The. Mother??? I may have to move. 3. Daily Art Thang - photo taken a few weeks ago when the trees still have purrrrty leaves: "Bright Spot" (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window)