Friday, November 10, 2006

A Little Bit of my Life in Pictures

Yesterday I went to Lexington for this: Well, that's not really the reason I went to Lexington. I went to Lex to do a boring-but-necessary errand. But I could have gone any day this week. I went yesterday so I could be at the Great! Opening! Sale! complete with 99 Red Balloons! Ok, ok...there were really only 5 red balloons, but I'm prone to hyperbole when I'm excited. They did, however give away freebie red tote bags to the first 100 customers and I got one, baby, along with some books to go with. Damn do I ever love book stores. Aaaahhh. While I was there I thought I'd snap a self-portrait in front of one of the horse statues they have in that shopping complex. I don't know why, exactly. Because it was there and I was there and it seemed like the thing to do. Oh yeah, "overexposed and squinty" is hawt! I don't know why the horse was looking at me like I was crazy. So were some people (looking at me like I was crazy, that is), but I didn't take any pictures of them. I took that photo right after buying two new bras, but I didn't take any photos of those either. You're welcome. And speaking of self-portraits (well, I was if you'll look back a paragraph or two), the lovely Vanessa made this request after seeing my last SPC photo: "I would really love to see this shot in colour... your amazing red hair must look just breathtaking." Thanks, Vanessa! :::beam::: Since that was such a sweet thing to say, and since I thought some other people who are into photography might be interested in seeing what I started with to end up with that particular portrait, here's the original color version - cropped but otherwise not corrected, so you can see that my backdrop needed a good pressing and I was wearing a ratty old cardigan (soooo glam! heh): Overexposed again! (Although I actually do think my hair looks kind of pretty.) I'm tellin' ya, overexposed is the new black. In this case, however, it was deliberate, as I knew I'd need my face to be uber-white in order to look right in the finished B/W photo, since I was going to be darkening it considerably to make the body visually disappear. In the snapshot above it was because I just didn't pay any attention to the direction of the sun. :-) Today's DAT is: "The View from my Back Yard" (clickable, as usual)

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