Saturday, August 20, 2005

Follow-up To "Knitting With Satan's Evil Wormy Yarn"

Thank you for the information and advice youse guys! I feel a little better knowing that it really is a problem of the type of yarn and not just that I don't know what the hell I'm doing. Even though I don't. That was brought home to me by Research Assistant Gerrie's comment, wherein she said that stuff about the importance of gauge and needle types and stuff when using chenille yarn. Um, yeah. You know, I've seen that little gauge thingy on the yarn packages and wondered if that was important but I never actually took the time to figure out what it means. And I only have one size and type of knitting needles and they are pink and plastic and came from Wal-Mart. I think they have size listed on them but I don't remember what it is. Is that important? (Deb waits for the knitters in the group to stop laughing and/or weeping and/or to regain consciousness before continuing.) And my take on the whole nap issue is right there with Deborah's. Great idea! If the knitting thing isn't working out, take a nap!! (That IS what that helpful web page, meant, right? Yeah, I thought so too.) I liked Julie's idea bout the beads, but don't think I want to waste any of my loverly beads on Evil Yarn. I'd rather add beads to something I actually like. But I have filed away the idea for future reference. After reading Michelle's and Logan's take on it, here's what I've decided. I'm going to forge ahead with the horrid stuff until I have something shortish scarf length, then I'm going to give it to EvilDemonKitty Sky to use as a cat toy. Then if, by some chance a Jehovah's Witness shows up at my doorstep in the next few months, I can still offer it in trade for the copy of the Watchtower. Somehow that idea is even BETTER if my cat has been fondling, drooling, and shedding on it for a few months first, right? Especially if they SEE him doing it right before I give it to them. I love it when a plan comes together! Remind me to tell you guys some time about the first scarf I ever made with eyelash yarn...the one I crocheted. Sort of. Heh.