Monday, August 15, 2005

Sisters Traveling West

Just minutes ago I got an email from Diane Howell telling me that "Sisters - Shared Soles" will be visiting Arizona this fall for "Art Quilts X: Xhilirating: Joy In The Making" at the Chandler Center for the Arts. Happy Happy Joy Joy! I think the Chandler Center is such a cool venue. Yay! So if you're going to be in Chandler, Arizona, this November 4 - January 8, stop by and see the sisters! I did some work on a new small quilt today too, but I can't show any in-progress pics this time because it's for a seeeeeecret quilt and there's a chance the person I'm making it for could stop by ye old blogge, so I'll have to keep it under wraps a while. I think this one is going to be fast to finish though. (Famous last words!) So hopefully I can share pics soon.

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