Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Not Quite So Monday on Tuesday

A big thank you to everyone who made tummy-soothing suggestions yesterday. I hope it's ok that I just say that here rather than sending back individual replies. I really appreciated all the suggestions!! Whatever slammed me, I seem to be getting over it (knock wood). I'm tired and achy and my throat is raw and sore from all that time spent kneeling at the porcelain god yesterday, but I had tea and crackers this morning and it's stayed down the past couple of hours so I'm considering trying some soup or something. WooHoo! Heh. I have too much to do this week to be sick, dammit!!! Anyway.... I got more Good Mail yesterday! Frances and I arranged a little art swap not long ago. I sent her one of my 2003 journal quilts and she sent me her collograph print of "The Harbour". This isn't a very good photo, as the paper is still wanting to curl from traveling in a tube and also I was taking the pic at an odd angle, but you get the idea. I love it!!! The Harbour by Frances Caple And since they've started arriving at their destinations, I can show you some postcards I finished last week. DebL already posted the one I sent to her as a thank you for sending me one of her gorgeous beaded anklets. Here's one I sent to Virginia Spiegel as a small thank-you for her work on that amazing ACS fundraiser. Pink Lemon-Aid 1: Virginia Beach And this is one I sent to a friend of mine in Arizona, just because. Pump Up The Volume Ok, gonna get off here and see if my stupid stomach can handle some chicken broth or something and then I'm hoping to do a little quilting this afternoon!

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