Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Negotiating With My WIC* and Rockin'

*WIC = Whiny Inner Child I'm feeling unmotivated today. One might even say lazy. J is out of town for the rest of this week and I have an almost overwhelming urge to play hooky and go sit in a darkened movie theater, eating popcorn covered with who-knows-what sort of chemicals and watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which I haven't seen yet and everyone I talk to keeps raving about. I'm trying to force myself to be good though. I have told myself, "Self, if you will put in some hours in the studio today, you can play hooky tomorrow if the urge is still there". My self is feeling a wee bit sulky about the whole thing and may need more drastic measures if she keeps being such a whiny pain in the ass, but so far it's working. Stay tuned... In other news, I know some of my fellow Artful Quilters are fans of Rock Star: INXS. Is it just me or were the contestants having a bad night last night?? I felt like there were only 4 or 5 really solid performances in that episode, and even one of those (Jordis) flubbed a line of the song, although she covered it fairly well. But out of 12 people left in the competition, that means I thought 1/2 to 2/3 of them had a REALLY bad night. I was inspired to go online and vote after the show, the first time I've done that since getting hooked on it. It'll be interesting to see who is up for possible elimination tonight. Based solely on last night's performances (NOT on their past work), I'd have to say the ones I think most deserve to be up for elimination this week are JD, Heather, and Brandon. Or maybe Daphna. Those last two are a toss-up for me. I wouldn't mind seeing either Daphna or Brandon go bye-bye, but I actually think JD and Heather are strong performers who just had a bad night. But as one of the INXS members said to Heather, when you're a professional you have to be able to perform when you're having a bad night (sick, etc.) and still make it look and sound good. So having a bad night when it counts is kind of a big deal in this case, yes? The one I really want gone the most right now out of the ones left is Jessica, but I have to admit that last night, while I wouldn't rank her in the top 1/3 of the performances, she wasn't the worst one on the stage either. Who do you want to see go back to singing in bars? Who do you want to see end up rockin' on stage with INXS?