Tuesday, July 26, 2005

This Good Mail Thing is Addictive

Hello. My name is Deb and I'm a Good Mail Addict. ("Hello Deb!") Yesterday was an Excellent Mail Day. Not only did I get Liz's fabric postcard (the one I purchased in the ACS auction), but I got a wonderfully hilarious surprise from Debra. Check it out: The photo is a wee bit underexposed and dosen't show Liz's card to its best advantage, but if I compensate I get too much glare on the white cloth, so I'll take a better photo of the postcard later after I've decided where and how to display it. My one teeeensy quarrel with the postcard (which I LOVE) is that it isn't signed! Liz...you must sign these things!!!! I haven't decided yet what to do with Debra's gift, but I love it. Isn't it just a perfectly DebR thing? :-)

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