Thursday, July 28, 2005

Spoiled Rotten

Yep. That's me. So spoiled I will soon be unbearable. (What do you mean I already am? Shut up!) Yesterday's mail included the following beauteous and wondrous bounty: A multi-strand beaded anklet by Deb Lacativa. (I know you've already seen these shoes, but the beads look so great with them, plus I currently have my toenails painted gold to match, so you get to see them again, whether you like it or not.) Don't be suprised if you see this fabulous beaded anklet show up in future photos this summer! And this card and "book thong" from my sister, Sandy. I had never heard of a book thong before she found them, but it's a beady version of a bookmark. You place the string in the book to hold your place and the loverly beads hang out either end, looking beeeee-yooo-tiful. Pretty cool, yes? Oh yeah, and in case you can't read it, the card says "If loving an accessory is wrong, then I'm as wrong as wrong can be." She said it reminded her of me. I can't imagine why. Heh. Thank you Deb and Sandy for making it a Beautiful Bead Day in the Richardson household.

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