Thursday, August 11, 2005

Real Life and Rock Stars

(The usual spoiler warnings for RS: INXS apply. If you haven't seen this week's episodes, go away until you have or don't blame me if I ruin it for you.) The dog and cat stuff is taken care of. Yay! I have enough groceries to provide my hubby with Real Food through the weekend. Yay! I finished the boring sweeping/dusting crapola for this week. Yay! TOMORROW I WILL SEW, DAMMIT. On a different subject...I'm not liking this niacin thing so far. Last night was REALLY bad on the hot-and-itchy front. But today I bought a different formula that's supposed to be time-release. Maybe that'll be better. Rock Star: INXS Now, on to the weekly Rock Star INXS dish session. About Tuesday's performances, I was rather unimpressed. They seem to alternate between not-so-great weeks and weeks where they really try to redeem themselves! I thought nearly all of them were all over the place on their pitching this week --- notes going flat and sharp and shaky and screechy. Ack! Even the usually-impeccable Jordis was having a bad week. Speaking of Jordis, was anyone but me surprised to find out she's the youngest performer in the group? I think she has a much more mature presence about her style and performance than I'd expect from someone that young. But anyway, back to Tuesday night. One of the very few performances that I thought was right on vocally was Suzie. I was, shocked! see her in the bottom three on Wednesday night. She personalizes her arrangement (admittedly with JD's help) and hits every note on key and ends up in the bottom three? What's up with that?? Sounded like Dave Navarro and INXS were quite surprised by it too. I was glad to see they let her off the hook quickly. After not liking Suzie much in the first couple of weeks, she's really grown on me and I actually think she's one of the more versatile performers left in the group. I was happy to see Brandon go home. That's been coming for a while now, if you ask me. I also think Jessica and Deanna had both better figure their days are numbered. But you never know! We'll see what happens next week.

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