Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Progress On Two Fronts!

Hey! Guess what! I feel like ME again today!! Yipppeeeee!!! (~~~whirl~~~) For the first time since about midday Sunday I actually want Real Food. I'm craving a cheeseburger, but I'll try to restrain myself and start with something a little more sensible, since my entire diet for the past two and a half days has been water, tea, ginger ale, saltines, and small amounts of chicken broth and orange sherbet. And I didn't keep a lot of that down for long. But today I am hungry and I feel like my tummy is finally going to stop rejecting every single damn thing I send down there, so YES! Yay me!! Although yesterday was still kind of rough it was enough better than Monday that I actually got a little quilting done in the afternoon. Check out the latest pics: As you can see, I decided to put this piece on a black background rather than making it "shape-y". Mostly I did that because I wanted the thread work to be a big part of the design element and to extend beyond the shapes, so that meant I needed something for it to extend into. Obviously I haven't done any more work on the big tree trunk yet other than to cut some unevenness into the sticky-outy parts. (That's a technical term.) There's also another thin layer of batting beneath it as I want it to have slightly more dimension than the rest. In the original Grove quilt the larger tree trunks are actually 3D-ish. I mean, they're flat, but they are each separate pieces from the background and from each other. They're wired on the edges and held away from the background quilt with spacers made from stacks of buttons. I didn't want to do that in this one because instead of birch trees, this large trunk is based on a cedar tree and when it's finished it will be very shaggy and rough. Which means, again, that I need to take the thread work off the edges of the actual shape, so it needs to sit pretty flush against the background. Overall, I'm pleased with how this is going so far. Here's a close-up so you can see my "quilt it 'til it screams for mercy" technique.

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