Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Creative Life and 10 Things x 4

I feel like I've been kind of neglecting RSR the past couple of days, but it's been for a good reason. I've been sewing my little heart out and when I'm in the zone I don't think about much else. I'm currently quilting, so hopefully I'll have photos to share in the next couple of days. In the meantime, while it's too soon to share photos and while I'm living in the studio and have no other life, it means I don't have much to talk about, so I'll fall back on one of my old favorites --- yet another meme! Hey...come back! Normally I link to the site where I find these things, but in this case I can't remember where I came across this idea. It's been sitting on my desk for a while and I'm just now getting around to posting it. As always, I never "tag" people on these things, but if you like this one and want to make your own list and post it on your blog, I'd love to read it. The 10 Things Meme 10 Things I liked as a teenager, but don't like now: 1. flavored lip gloss 2. wine coolers (unless the person reading this is my dad, in which case, hahaha, just kidding because Of COURSE alcoholic beverages never passed my lips until I was old enough to drink legally. ahem.) 3. amusement parks 4. bubblegum pop music 5. bubblegum! 6. perfume 7. soap operas 8. diet soda 9. talking on the phone 10. suntans 10 Things I didn't like as a teenager, but do like now: 1. wine 2. aged cheese 3. flip-flops (I've only learned to tolerate having something between my toes in the past year or so!) 4. computers 5. coffee 6. sewing 7. condiments (pretty much all of them...wouldn't touch them when I was younger....not so sure it's a good thing that I learned to like them!) 8. the color orange 9. spending time alone 10. dogs (not that I truly disliked them, but as a teenager I would have totally called myself a cat I LOVE dogs) 10 Things I've never liked and probably never will: 1. Rap music 2. lots of different foods (cabbage and liver spring immediately to mind, but there are many more) 3. beer 4. boxing 5. math 6. spiders 7. dentists 8. housework 9. ruffles and frills 10. small, closed-in places 10 Things I've always liked and probably always will: 1. being the last person in the house to go to bed at night 2. reading a good book 3. watching a good movie 4. puzzles 5. sweets!! (sigh) 6. new shoes!! 7. cats 8. doing something creative 9. traveling to someplace I've never been before 10. spending time with the people I love

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