Tuesday, November 14, 2006

SPC: Glam, Week 2 - Digicolor Deb

First of all, to everyone who commented yesterday, THANK YOU! I'll talk more about that tomorrow rather than double-posting today, but I wanted to take a minute to tell you all how much I appreciate your input. Now on to our regularly scheduled SPC post. **************** It's time for the second week of November's Glam Self-Portrait Challenge. I'm continuing to take my inspiration from classic Hollywood glamor shots rather than the suggested Glam Rock. This week I was inspired by a legend - Ms. Lucille Ball. Everyone knows Lucy was one of the great comediennes of classic television, but what some people may not know is that she had a long movie career before that and was known in her younger days as Queen of the B-movies. When Lucy was a young starlet, most movies were filmed in black and white. But when the studios started switching over to filming many movies in color, the camera became one of the first to love Lucy. Life magazine did an article about her in 1943 in which they dubbed her "Technicolor Tessie" because of the vibrant visual impact of her pale skin, blue eyes, and red hair in color film. I'm no Lucy, but I have that same type of coloring. And I'm not using film, but the effect is similar in pixels. So for this Self-Portrait Challenge photo, I've dubbed myself: "Digicolor Deb" This is my husband's favorite of the photos I've taken for this challenge. :-) And as a bonus, here's a second shot from that same series of photos. I didn't like the overall pic quite as much as the previous one, but I liked the position of my hand in this one and I liked the look of my eyes: "Digicolor Deb: Take 2" (both photos are clickable if you want to see them larger in a new window)

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