Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Comments on Comments from the Past Two Days

Hi y'all! I've gotten so behind on Stuff that I've given up on any thought of attempting individual replies to the last couple of days' posts. So I'm going to do a reply post here and call it Good Enough. regarding yesterday's Glam SPC: A few people asked about both the lashes and what I was wearing. The lashes are, of course, totally fake. My real ones are sparse and wispy and so light-colored that they might as well be invisible. Mascara is my friend. :-) I don't usually wear falsies (frankly, I can't imagine going through that too often!) but I couldn't resist putting on a pair for these glam shots. As far as people asking how I get them on straight and keep them on - to the first, very carefully and with a lot of cussing. It took me several tries to get that right! And as to the second - I don't! Toward the end of taking these photos I was having some Eyelash Migration without even realizing it and ended up having to move the lashes back into proper position in Photoshop in a couple of shots. ;-) And what I was wearing wasn't a dress, it was (as Jen surmised) a hand-dyed silk velvet scarf I bought from the lovely Deb Lacativa last year. I decided early on when taking these photos that the costume changes were going to be a total pain in the ass. So for most of them I was topless and just draping various scarves and things over the girly bits to keep the final photos rated PG. Was that Too Much Information? :-) regarding The Great Glasses Test of '06: OMG, y'all realize you've completely overwhelmed me, right? I was figuring if I got oh...5 to maybe as much as 20 comments, I'd consider that a great response. So now I'm still totally confused, but I'm also very touched and greatly amused and both of those are Good Things. I love how passionate some of you got about your preferences and how analytical others were! I think my favorite Laugh-Out-Loud comment was the one where Terry referred to the much-maligned #5 pair as "serial killer glasses." ROFL! I received an interesting email from my brother-in-law where he explained that he chose #2 as his favorite because he felt like the rectangular shape of 1 and 6 had become almost a cliche for Artsy-Nerdy-Cool and he'd like to see me get something a little different. He also informed me that he would no longer be speaking to me if I bought #5. I told him if I had more money than God, I'd buy them just to wear when I visit Sandy and him. (But I don't, so never mind.) Hi, Andy! :-) J (my husband, if any of you don't already know that) was with what seemed to be the majority of you in that he really liked #6 and 1; said he could live with 2 or 4; and he actively disliked 3 and 5. I'm still undecided, but I really appreciate the input! I will say that (much to the disappointment of a few of you) the more I look at the photos, the less I like #3, plus I'd hate to go around wearing glasses my husband detests. I have sex with that man, y'all! And, despite my smartass comment to my BIL, I don't see me getting #5 either. (Picture Cate and Kristen being disappointed while everyone else breathes a sigh of relief. Heh) But I still really like various things about all 4 of the others, as well as the unnumbered rimless ones, so....hhhmmm....we'll see. Whatever I get, I'll be sure to post pics so some of you can cheer and others can mutter and wonder how I went so very, VERY wrong. :-D Today's Daily Art Thang: "Ephemeral Strength" I may not like spiders (helloooooo, Understatement!!) but I find their webs fascinating. (clickable)

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