Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Y is for...

Time for another WordPlay Personal Dictionary Entry! If you want to know more about how and why I started doing this series of posts, read my "A is for..." entry. If you want to see a list of more people doing the same thing, check out Laume's WordPlay site. Now here we go... Y is for... Yahtzee - A game I like to play, both in real life and on the computer. It's a fun moment when all five dice turn up the same number and I get to yell "Yahtzee!" Yellow flowers - I love all colors of flowers, but if I had to choose a favorite flower color, I'd choose yellow. Yellow flowers look like little bits of sunshine that have landed on earth. Yarn (the kind you knit or crochet) - I'm a bad, BAD knitter, but I do it anyway because I so love all the fuzzy, floofy, frivolous (and sometimes sparkly!) novelty yarns that are out right now. I make scarf after scarf after scarf. Some I give away, but you can see from the collage that I've also kept quite a few. Yarn (a story) - I also like the phrase "spinning a yarn" to describe telling stories. To me, that phrase brings to mind the image of myths, legends, and folk tales handed down through the generations by the light of a fire on a dark night. (The book I show in the collage below is about a storyteller.) Yogurt - One of my favorite things to have for breaksfast. I like the kind with the fruit on the bottom, not blended. And I like it with sugar, not artificial sweetener (bleah). And I like sprinkling a little granola on top. My favorite flavors are peach and mixed berry. Yum!, Yikes!, Yay! - Y-words I say a lot. (And yes, they all have to have the exclamation marks after them.) Yes - A Y-word I like to hear people say to me. :-) "Y is for..." (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window)

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