Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday Snippets #2

I'm late posting anything today, but I just got back from a quick last-minute trip to Cincinnati. J had to go up there just overnight to work on something so I went with him for a hotel date. Yay! I looked at the Purple People Bridge as I drove over the river on the Big Mac Bridge (the yellow auto traffic bridge you can see in at least one photo on the PPB bridge climb site). I was hoping to see a climb in progress, but alas, no such luck, either yesterday afternoon or this morning. I could see the rails and stuff where the climb takes place, but that's all. I'm SO gonna do this at some point, y'all. My friend Bev even emailed me and said she'd do it too if we can work out a time when we can get together. Yay Bev! Other than that, not much to report today. Half Price Books was having a Labor Day weekend sale with everything in the store 20% off and I bought six books because I NEED more books. Ahem. J and I went out for Mexican food and margaritas and the rest is nothing we need to talk about here. Hope you're all having a great weekend! Today's DAT: "September Sumac" (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window)

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