Friday, September 01, 2006

I want to do this!

What do I want to do, you ask? This! I want to climb across the top of the Purple People Bridge that spans the Ohio River, connecting Cincinnati, OH with Newport, KY. The bridge was built in 1872, then closed in 2001, then reopened as a pedestrian-only bridge in 2003. Then earlier this year they opened a feature where you can climb up to a walkway that goes across the top of the bridge so that at the peak of the climb you're standing about 140 ft. above the Ohio River with glorious views in every direction. Doesn't that sound freakin' awesome?? The down sides: *They don't let people just walk across on their own. You have to do it as part of a guided tour and I really dislike guided tours. But I get the safety issues involved. I do. There are a lot of stupid people in this world and if it was my bridge I wouldn't turn just anyone loose to wander across the top on their own either. It would be a tragedy waiting to happen. *You have to wear a really ugly "uniform" while you're on the guided tour. Publicly shared clothing - like bowling shoes for your whole body. BLEAH! *It's pricy - ridiculously so, IMO. I would pay as much $25 - 30 for the experience without a second thought, but $40 - 60? That's giving me second, third, and fourth thoughts. But I haven't stopped thinking. *They won't let people take their own camera on the tour!!!!!! Aaaarrrggghhhh! This one is HUGE to me because the thought of the photos I could get up there makes my heart go pitter-pat. Oh sure, you get a "complimentary" group shot taken by the tour guide (for ~$50 a ticket, it should come in a silver frame that says "you're pretty." THAT would be complimentary). And the website says they are "happy to take additional photos for you, just ask your guide" but noticeably does NOT say how much one would have to pay to acquire these cheerfully taken additional photos. I bet it ain't cheap. And I bet I wouldn't like them as much as photos I'd take myself. But still - STILL! - despite all these things making me feel distinctly snarky toward the people running this experience, I think about climbing on top of that bridge and standing there in that ugly-ass yellow and purple cootiefied suit and being able to see around me for miles. I think about the wind in my face and the world at my feet. Well, ok, maybe not the world, but at least the Tri-state area. I think about how it would feel and I want it. Fiercely. I may have to do this. Below is today's Daily Art Thang, which has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of this post. I just think it's kind of pretty. "Floating" (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window)

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