Thursday, August 24, 2006

Poetry Thursday: Withered by Time

The poem I want to share today is one I read a while back and liked, but until now it never felt like it was this one's turn. But this week I've been feeling a bit angsty (unusually so for me) and the bleakness of this poem suited my mood. Also the prompt this week at the Poetry Thursday site is Time and somehow I think this poem fits with that too. Lost, One Soul I lost my soul in a fit of temper I threw it at somebody's head and slammed out without a second thought Then I dumped it in a wastebin along with a love I said I was finished with I sandpapered my spirit with a million bitter barbs and sent it into orbit and substituted guilt instead My soul went cold with memories of old friends and kin who never expected to be neglected, and resolutions I'd eluded Then one day I went to feed it and it was gone and now I hear it howling in the wind outside in the nights in the hills and I get the chills inside and hide in something that's not important and it's four in the morning before I can get warm enough to weep enough to fall asleep ~~~Sandy McIntosh "Withered" (clickable if you want to see it larger) If you want to spend more time with poetry, go here and check out the links you'll find. And if you stop back by here tomorrow, hopefully things will be more, well....hopeful! I rarely stay down for long.

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