Thursday, August 17, 2006

Poetry Thursday: To the Goddesses

This week on Poetry Thursday is a Freebie - a choose your own prompt week! So I'm choosing to share a poem by Alice Walker that makes me think of how grateful I am for the presence of some fabulous women in my life - family and friends, past and present, including friends I haven't seen in person yet, but have only connected with in far. Goddess I am so glad I can recognize A goddess When I see one. There is Yeshi's Trustworthiness Glenna's Patience Sue's willing helpfulness (& genius) Zelie's Wild Laughter & song Evelyn's Loyalty Diana's equanimity Ruth's incredible Storytelling & inexplicable Suffering. The scent of My mother's Roses. What is needed Is heart Wisdom alone To see this Not - the added blessing - Eyes. ~~~Alice Walker PS...If you're looking for my Daily Art Thang, it's posted with the Fib I wrote for One Deep Breath.

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