Friday, August 18, 2006

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #24

1. I saw this on my way to Lexington last week: It was at the edge of a car lot. Is that thing supposed to make me want to buy a car from that place? Because it really didn't y'know. It pretty much made me want to drive another route home so I wouldn't see the big pink naked ApeManThing again. It's just so very, very wrong. 2. I had some blood drawn this week to check my cholesterol (especially my triglyceride levels) to see if some meds I've been taking have helped. They HAVE helped, they really HAVE! My numbers are down! Yay! 2b. Also the woman who jabbed me this time around got a vein on the first try and didn't even leave a bruise, in STARK contrast to the two women who double-teamed me last time and managed to blow three veins (one in one arm, two in the other) before getting enough blood for the test, making me cry like a little girl and leave the office with massive bruising on both arms. (SO not joking!) 3. J told me this evening that while I was gone to the grocery store this afternoon he almost brought home a kitten. Who is this man and what did he do with my husband the dog person?? I kind of wish he'd given in to the impulse, as a part of me would love to have another cat that might turn out to be NICE or something. But another part of me thinks it's just as well he didn't give in to the impulse because EvilDemonKittySky might be nuts enough to turn a perfectly nice kitten into a minion to his evil ways. I don't think I could stand more than one psychotic cat at a time. 4. "Reality" check: I haven't been talking much about the summer TV schedule, but I've been watching "So You Think You Can Dance", "RockStar SuperNova", "Project Runway", and (oh, damn, I HATE to admit this last one, but...gulp....) "Big Brother All-Stars." Yes, that's right, I"m a sad and pathetic "Reality" TV junkie. Deal with it. Admitting to BB is embarrassing, but I don't mind so much admitting to the rest. If you're a TiVo addict and haven't seen the latest episodes of any of the above, go away now and come back later! S P O I L E R 4b. I'm thrilled that Benji won SYTYCD! I would have been pretty happy to see Travis get it too, but I had a soft spot in my heart for Benji right from the very first cattle call audition, so Yaaaaay, Benji!! I hope it turns out to be a Good Thing for you! 4c. I'm sooooooo glad SuperNova finally got rid of Zayra! My only complaint is that I wish they'd done another double-elimination and sent Patrice home too. In fact, really, I'm ready for them to send home pretty much everyone except Dilana. Is there really any reason to continue? 4d. I'm disappointed that Alison left Project Runway. Although this last outfit was a horror, I think she has way more talent than WackoVincent, the guy who gets my vote for Most Likely To Make Me Use The Mute Button. Please, oh please, pretty judges, send him home sooooooon! And my Question of the Day is this: How can Laura design outfits that look classic and wearable, even when she's working with trash instead of fabric, yet she can't dress herself in an outfit that will adequately cover her boobs on national television? Anyone? 5. Today's D.A.T. is the result of being bored in the parking lot of a farm supply store. Please don't envy my glamorous life. Heh. "Line-up"

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