Tuesday, August 22, 2006

SPC: Enclosed Spaces, Week 4

Here we are at week four of the August theme of Enclosed Paces in the Self-Portrait Challenge. Last week I shared a straightforward photo, so this week I'm back to doing something off-the-wall. Not long ago I had to have some blood tests done that required me to fast for at least 12 hours beforehand. As I got up that morning and stumbled through the house, half-awake and wholly grumpy and irritable, I was reminded yet again that I do NOT function very efficiently or cheerfully without my morning coffee. I neeeeeeeds it, my presssssshussssss. I've been heard to mention the idea of somehow setting up a coffee drip that would flow straight into my mouth before I even sit up in the morning, or of having the bathtub filled with it so I could just stumble in and submerge myself in the blessed caffeine. Ok, so I realize none of those ideas are at all practical in Real Life, but this isn't Real Life. This is Blogsylvania, where I can do what I want through the magic of Photoshop, so I decided to dive in and float around in my crazy cat mug. "Enclosed in a Caffeine Fantasy"

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