Tuesday, August 29, 2006

SPC: Enclosed Spaces, Week 5

This marks the last week of the August theme of Enclosed Spaces in the Self-Portrait Challenge. Yay! I must admit I'm ready for something new, although I have a feeling I'm going to find the September challenge, well...challenging. We've been challenged to post portraits of ourselves with people who mean something to us and most of the people I'm emotionally close to are geographically distant. I may be digging into the photo albums for this one. But anyway, back to the August challenge. Last week I did a Photoshopped fantasy shot, so this weekend we're back to one final "normal" shot. In this one I was going for a photo that evokes the sort of mood most of us have from time to time where we get lost in thought and memory and enclosed (even if only temporarily) in the past. It's a mood that can be wistful, nostalgic, even a bit melancholy. But it can be comforting too. I'm enclosed by the past, but not trapped by it. "Enclosed in Thought" (Clickable if for some bizarre reason anyone wants to see my giant pores and encroaching wrinkles at a larger size in a new window. The lighting is unforgiving and I didn't fix any flaws in Photoshop. Sigh.)

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