Monday, July 17, 2006

Virtual Press Conference Replies: Part Two

I'm a wee bit bummed out because I haven't been able to think of a thing to write on the topic of "Between" for this month's Blogging 4 Books contest. But all is not lost. The deadline isn't until a little after 6 PM EDT today, so if I get inspired in the next few hours I could still whip something out of brain and onto the screen. I'm not holding my breath, mind you, but I could! And so could you. (Hint, hint!) Meanwhile, let's get to Part Two of my replies to the questions asked at the RSR Virtual Press Conference. Today Deirdre and Tiff have the floor. Deirdre asks: Are you all done remodeling? Not quite. J still has a small section of the kitchen cabinets to re-do (had I mentioned we're remodeling the kitchen cabinets too?) and once he's finished we'll need to find a day that's warm, but not too humid, and throw open the windows and put a final coat of varnish on them. THEN we'll be done...until we get another idea. Ahem. How do you like the new color of your studio? Calming or inspiring or too early to tell? I love it! I find it warm and calming. And the floor feels nice and cool and smooth when I kick off my shoes. What I'm finding even more inspiring and calming than the wall color or the new floor is how much more airy and spacious it feels now that I've cleared out some of the excess Stuff. Are you working on any fun Fiber stuff - can you share any of it? Um, no. So, alas, no again. This is the second-longest dry spell I've ever been through with quilting, but not yet the longest. Once, years ago, I went about 18 months without sewing a thing and at one point really thought I was completely done with quilting and then Boom! - one day inspiration struck (ouch) and I was off and running again. So I'm still choosing to just ride it out rather than forcing myself to make stuff I'll end up hating. How many pair of shoes does J have? Have you taken all the closet space? I'm too lazy to go in there and count, but I'd estimate he has 12 - 15 or so. And no. While I admit I take up more than half the closet space, I don't take up ALL of it. I'd guess the ratio is probably something like 2/3 my stuff to 1/3 his. That sounds fair, right? [grin] When are you going to post a photo on Simple Still Life? February 26, 2007, at 1:03 AM, EST. Or maybe earlier if I can remember to do it. Lalalaaaa.... Is this enough questions to start you off? Looks like! Thanks, Deirdre. And now, over to Tiff: I have but one question - if you could be a superhero, what would your name be? Magpie Because I'd love one of my super-powers to be the power of flight and because I'm easily distracted by shiny obj...Oh!...what's that?!?.... Debra, Carol Dean, Pepektheassasin, Corky, Deborah, Michelle, Angela - stay tuned. I'll be getting to all your excellent questions a few at a time over the next week or two. I really appreciate you playing! (I hope I'm not leaving anyone out. If you asked a question and I didn't either already answer or list your name, let me know!) Today's D.A.T. is another sunset photo, taken the same night as the one I posted yesterday, but a few minutes earlier and looking slightly more northwest instead of straight west. Amazing difference in the colors, no? "Another Sunset" (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window)

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