Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Self-Portrait Challenge: Self-Portrait as a Geisha

For July, the Self-Portrait Challenge is to create a weekly "Self-Portrait as ______" and we're supposed to fill in the blank with pretty much anything we can imagine - real or fantasy. So far I'm choosing to hang out in FantasyLand for this challenge rather than do anything that relates to my real life. So many of the past self-portrait challenges have been grounded in reality (and rightfully so!) that I'm having a blast doing off-the-wall portraits for this one. Last month I asked RSR readers for suggestions for this theme and offered prizes for those suggestions I used. This week's winner is Dara. Congrats, Dara! She suggested several ideas I liked. In fact, three of hers were pretty much a tie in my mind. I first experimented a little with the mermaid idea, but didn't come up with anything I liked that much, so I decided to move on to another of her suggestions and ended up creating a self-portrait as a geisha. One of the reasons I loved the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha" was for the visual impact of the costumes, make-up, wigs, and scenery, so I had a lot of fun with this one. "Self-Portrait as a Geisha" Thanks for the ideas, Dara! Let me know if you'd rather have a 4" x 6" fabric postcard or an 8" x 10" photo print of one of my D.A.T.s as your prize (and if it's the latter, give me a choice of about three that you like, since I still have most of those files, but not all of them). For other people who suggested ideas, there's still two more weeks to go, so check back!

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