Monday, July 03, 2006

Blue Armpit Devil Weevils

(This post has nothing to do with armpit devil weevils of any color, even assuming such things exist which is highly questionable. I just didn't feel like thinking up a relevant subject line so I typed whatever words I thought of first. Yes, I realize that's a little frightening. Welcome to my world.) The latest home improvement Thing is done! YAY! Now I can move on to normal boring chores like doing laundry and paying bills. Oh joy. Oh well, I also hope to get time for some creative stuff in the next few days and that IS a joy! What we got into this past weekend was re-doing the floor in yet another room, as well as the walk-in closet in our bedroom. For some reason when we put the new floor in our bedroom we felt like we didn't really need to do the closet and would just leave carpet in there. Ever since we've been wondering what sort of drugs we were smoking, snorting, or popping that day to think that. So yesterday we fixed it and the day before that we ripped everything out of the guest room and put a new floor in there too. It's purrrrrrty. See: (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window) This room is so small that it's hard to get pics, but at least this gives you a glimpse. And here's another glimpse stepping into the room and looking toward the end: (also clickable) You can see that this is the room where I channel my Inner Sweet Cookie-Baking Traditional-Quilt-Making Antique-Loving Grandma. It may shock some people to discover that I have such a persona lurking inside, but I do. She doesn't get a lot of play time as a rule, so I let her have her way in the guest room. The cabinet the TV is sitting on is actually a treadle sewing machine (closed, obviously!) that originally belonged to my great-grandmother, and the little dresser in the corner is another yard sale find that we refinished. The quilt on the bed is one I made and the painting on the wall in that first photo is one I painted about a gazillion years ago. This isn't a look I'd particularly want for the whole house, but I love having one room where my Inner Granny does her thing! We now have No More Carpet anywhere in the entire house. Yay!!! I remembered too that after I told y'all about getting some layers cut into my hair around my face, I never did share a picture. That's partly because I'm having trouble adjusting and it's never quite looked as good as it did the day the girl cut it! (gggrrr) But a few days ago I had one reasonably good hair day and grabbed the camera and took a few photos. Sorry to choose a non-smile-y one yet again, but this photo is all about the hair, baby, and this is the one where the hair looked best. HA! "Don't mess with me and my layers, dude!" Since I had so much fun messing with filters and things for the just-finished Pop Art self-portrait challenge, I played some more for the D.A.T. The result isn't quite Pop Art, but I think it's kind of interesting. "Ghost Layers" And speaking of the SPC, I hope you'll stop by for a look tomorrow. I just finished editing my first photo for the "Self-Portrait as..." theme and I laughed out loud when it was done. Is it really tacky to admit I crack myself up sometimes? Oh well, if it is, it is. I figure if I can't laugh at my own humor, why should anyone else laugh at it. And yes, for this first entry I used one of the suggestions left by one of you! And the winner is.... To Be Continued

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