Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Suggest a Theme! Win Big Prizes!

(Ok, the prizes wouldn't really be big, but you'd have a shot at winning a small prize. That's still kind of fun, yes?) Here's the deal - I mentioned earlier that the Self-Portrait Challenge theme for July sounded intriguing to me but I haven't decided what I want to do with it. The theme for July is "Self-Portrait as ..." The examples they showed included self portrait as a liar, self portrait as a chair, self portrait as if I were dead (bleah!), self portrait as Cindy Sherman, self portrait as Marlon Brando, self portrait as a sow, self portrait as a wife and mother, self portrait as a shaker, self portrait as a shamen, self portrait as quadruplets, self portrait as subhuman, self portrait as pregnant, self portrait as a yeti, self portrait as Ophelia. In comments, Tish mentioned that she was asking for suggestions on her blog. Never being one to mind stealing borrowing a good idea, I'm doing the same thing here. So if you're sitting there thinking to yourself "Ooooh, I'd love to see Deb do a Self-Portrait as ____ for this challenge" then tell me so in comments. I'm not promising to do everything suggested. I'm not even promising to do anything suggested. (I'm not quite that trusting. Heh.) But I will look over all the suggestions (if any!) and choose up to four to try for this challenge. Remember, no guarantees - if you want a good shot at it, try to think of something you think I'd find fun to do! (I strongly recommend against suggesting barnyard animals or corpses, for example. I'm just sayin'.) If I choose to try a theme you suggest, I'll send you a little prize in the mail (probably a made-by-me fabric postcard or something similar). Obviously to qualify, I have to be able to contact you if you win and get your snail mail addy. Sound fun? Good! Then start throwing those ideas my way! PS...Oh yeah, a deadline...hhhmmm...I'll throw the floor open for suggestions for the next two days and will close comments on this post when I log on Saturday morning. That gives me the weekend to figure out props and things if I need them before the first entry is due. PPS...I just realized that closing this Saturday morning gives you three days intstead of two. Hey, I never said math was my strong suit!

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