Friday, June 23, 2006

New and Improved Studio Tour

Despite working hard yesterday, I didn't get everything totally finished in the big re-do, but I said I'd share some photos anyway, so here they are. I hope you enjoy them because I can pretty much guarantee you will never EVER see this room looking this neat again! If you want to see the Before pics, you can click here to see a Virtual Studio Tour I posted a little over a year ago. Take note of the Autumn white (aka pale pink!) walls, the blah wallpaper border, the dirty-uggie carpet, and the clutter. Here are the After pics. All of them are clickable if you want to see them larger in a new window. (File sizes on the larger pics range from around 60 - 100 kb.) Starting at the door, here is the first big bookshelf in the room. It will be more full when I'm done. I have about 3/4 of my fabric sorted and put away, but there's still a bit of it that needs to be brought back in and either discarded (I don't mean thrown away. I've found a group who make quilts for charity and I'm giving the excess fabric to them.) or shelved and what I keep will join what you see here. Then we continue around the room. You can just see the corner of the 'puter desk in the photo above. Here's the desk, along with my Inspiration Board and some of my art collection - some pieces by me, but most of the ones you see here are by friends of mine. Here, obviously, is where you can see the green feature wall meeting the brown walls too. Don't you think the brown color looks like melted chocolate ice cream? I do! Oh, and here's the first glimpse of the new curtains. They're simple cotton duck tab tops in a sort of mattress-ticking stripe in various neutral shades, from creams through tans and browns, through a sort of olive color. In this next photo you can see the whole window we saw the beginning of in the photo above. There's the jewelry armoire that holds my bead collection and my Tarot decks and the old china cabinet that J and I picked up at a yard sale and refinished. It holds some finished quilts, fabric, and other sewing supplies. Eventually there will be some artwork above the bead/Tarot cabinet, but I haven't decided what to put there yet. You can also see my cutting table (there'll be a few more things on the peg board, but I haven't retrieved them from around the house yet!) and this is the pic where you get the best view of the new floor. I LOVE this new floor! Continuing on past the cutting table, here is the final corner of the room. You can just barely see the edge of the door facing in the far right of the photo. That's the door where we started the tour. The right corner of the sewing desk won't be so neat when I'm done because it'll have a pincushion, seam ripper, scissors, and a few other things there. And when I'm working on a quilt, there'll be an ironing board set up in this corner as well as a design cloth hanging over part of the book shelf. But doesn't it look pretty right now? {smile} You can see more of my art collection in this pic too - again both my work and the work of some friends. I hope you enjoyed the tour! Now I have to get back to dragging some more stuff in here and junking it up. Heh. I really hope to pay some blog visits this weekend too. I want to see what all you Poetry Thursday participants did and I had almost no time to look yesterday! I plan to have a nice long blog surfing session this weekend. Hmph. Today's Daily Art Thang is yet another self-portrait, done from the same photo as yesterday's version. I like the one I posted yesterday better, but had to show this one today because of the way it fits into the Green/Brown color scheme of the day. "Self-Portrait: Neon Nature" (also clickable) PS...I know this is another of those SPs where I look kinda mean....Sorry! I wasn't mad, honest, just not laughing!

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