Friday, June 16, 2006

Seeking: One Full Moon

This may seem like an odd day to do a TwoFer blog post, considering how loooooong (but I hope entertaining!) my painting post ended up. But I'm going to do the TwoFer anyway because I woke up this morning with a Haiku in my head and I've really gotta get that thing outta there before it crowds out something important. You see, the theme this week over at One Deep Breath is "Moonstruck." The idea was to go out and gaze at the full moon and be inspired to write a poem about how it looked or how it made you feel. But I hadn't done it because a) I tried two nights in a row and couldn't see any moon because of heavy cloud cover, and b) I got busy and forgot to try again. But this morning I had the bones of an idea for a Haiku about not being able to see the moon. I figure that works for the prompt too. So here it is: I seek the gleam of The sun's reflected glory. I find clouds of grey. Click on the link above if you want to read more Moonstruck musings.

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