Monday, June 12, 2006

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #20

1. Thanks for the comments yesterday, both those of you who let me know your quiz results and those who commented on my B4B entry - the shoe story. For those of you who asked if I got in trouble, I'm sure I did. After all, I blatantly disobeyed my parents to do something I'd been expressly forbidden to do and in the process I destroyed someone else's property. My parents, being decent, responsible sorts, weren't going to just pat me on the head and say "Oh well, shit happens" under those circumstances. [grins] But you have to realize that when I say this was a vivid early memory, I do mean EARLY. I couldn't have been more than 3 or 4 years old at the time. So while I'm sure I was at least scolded, maybe punished somehow, I honestly have no conscious memory of that part. I don't know what happened next. The part that stayed with me all these years was the wonder of thinking the shoe was magic, followed by the horror at realizing I'd destroyed it. And the same for my great-aunt's reaction, OOOLotH. I'm sure it must have upset her - I don't see how it could not. But I have no conscious memory of her reaction and she's been gone for years now so it's not something I can ask now that I'm old enough to wonder. 2. Chaos is reigning in this corner of Casa Richardson. I am in the midst of tearing apart the room I'm sitting in, which functions as computer room, sewing room, art supply storage room, and book storage room. Anyone who reads RSR enough to know me even a little bit and reads the preceding list will not be surprised to hear that I spend more time in this room than in any other room in the house - by far! So why am I tearing it apart? Well, when we bought flooring to re-do the bedroom, we bought some to lay in here too. Also, I'm totally sick of the wall color in here - a wimpy tint called "Autumn White" that's too pink to be white and too white to be pink (I don't even LIKE pink! WTF was I thinking??). And I hate the wimpily pastel botanical border I stuck all around up near the ceiling. (See previous comment!) So at sometime in the near future, we plan to tear out the carpet, rip down the ugly-ass border, re-paint, and lay down a Pergo-ish flooer. That means that sometime this week I need to move several hundred books (maybe even a few thousand?? Gaaahhh...I really don't want to think about it!), hundreds of yards of fabric, several rolls of batting, boxes and bags of thread, yarn, buttons, notions, rulers, scissors, rotary cutters, pencils, etc. Where am I putting all this stuff you might wonder? I have NO FREAKIN' IDEA!!! That's kind of where the problem is. I don't have any one room that is so empty of Stuff that it can easily accomodate all the Stuff I'm pulling from the most crowded room in the house. I suspect it'll end up strewn from one end of the house to the other in any place I can find a bare tabletop or cubby and I'll be tripping over it all and driving myself nuts until we can get this room re-done. This redecorating Thang sucks rocks. But hopefully it'll be nice when we finish. I decided I wanted to paint three walls a color I call "paper bag brown", which is SO normally not one of my colors, but I really like the way quilts and other artwork look hanging against that color and the three walls I plan to paint lt. brown are the ones I'll be looking at when I'm working on quilts. Here's a look at the color I bought: Now that I look at it here I wonder if it's not a little lighter and rosier than I really planned on. Hhhhmmm.... So hard to tell until it's actually on the wall! Maybe I need to open that bucket and dab a little on part of the wall I can reach and see what I think. Then on the fourth wall, the one I'll be looking at when I'm working at the 'puter desk, I'm putting Sour Apple Green: What do you think? Am I nuts to put those two colors in the same room? I hope not, since once we're done I'm NOT moving all these books and fabrics, not to mention several massive pieces of furniture, again anytime soon. So whatever paint goes on these walls is gonna stay there a while. Oh well, whatthehell. I've lived with the Autumn White and the botanical border for nearly 9 years! 3. Yesterday, I was feeling a bit stressed out at the whole prospect of the Massive Redecorating project, so I did one of my favorite stress relief activities. I went shopping. I bought these: Me likey! :-) 4. Today's Daily Art Thang is a photo of a rose bush that grows by my front porch. It was a birthday gift from my friend Morven a few years ago. It's a variety that was hybridized in New Zealand (where Morv lives) but I can never remember the real name of it without looking it up. J and I always just call it the Morven Rose. "Splash of Color" (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window) 5. Oh yeah, almost forgot! My most recent favorite Bad Spam Subject Line found in my inbox: "Bald Credit Not a Prolblem." Whew! Well, THAT'S a relief!

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