Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Countdown Meme

I'm still in Heck, but J is home again, so at least I have company. I won't go into all the gory details YET, but let's just say we're getting there. I can foresee a time when I may have a lovely and functional workroom again. Yay! I'll get back to the promised hair pic too. I thought it looked so cute Thursday, but when I try to style it myself I think it just pretty much looks like it looked before she cut it! However I don't have time to explore this mystery yet. I'll look into it further when I'm out of Heck. For now, I'm going to do a weekend sort of thing and post a meme. I got this one from Crazy Aunt Purl (aka Laurie) months ago, but then didn't post it because I'd done a meme not long before that I thought was a bit too similar. But recently I was clearing out some old Stuff in my 'puter files and ran across this list and it felt all shiny and new again and I decided to post it this weekend. (Aren't you SO thrilled and excited? Yeah, I thought so.) So let's start the Countdown! TEN random things you might not know about me: 1. I used to have an Aunt Chicken, who wasn't really my aunt and wasn't really named Chicken, but that's what we always called her. 2. I don't now, nor did I ever, have an Uncle Rooster. 3. I used to wish my middle name was Marie. 4. I got over it. 5. I used to be really freaked out by driving across bridges. 6. I got over that too, at least mostly. 7. I didn't do anything to get over it - I just realized one day that it doesn't bother me as much as it used to. 8. As much as I love chocolate candy, I prefer flavors other than chocolate when it comes to nearly any other sort of sweet like cake, pie, cookies, ice cream, etc. 9. You couldn't pay me to go to one of my high school or college reunions. I'm SO over any interest in most of those people. 10. Ok, actually, you could pay me to go. But it would be expensive. NINE places I've visited: 1. Belize City, Belize 2. Niagra Falls, both USA and Canadian sides 3. Maui, Hawaii, USA 4. Cozumel, Mexico 5. Door County, Wisconsin, USA 6. Nassau, Bahamas 7. Mammoth Cave, Glasgow, Kentucky, USA 8. Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA 9. Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA EIGHT ways to win my heart: 1. Feed me a home-cooked meal that I had absolutely nothing to do with preparing and that I don't have to clean up after. 2. Include a decadent home-made dessert! 3. Be nice to my dogs. (Bonus points if you're also nice to my evil cat) 4. Let me take photos of you without complaining about how you hate to have your picture taken, or how you don't like your hair, or how those pants make you look fat, or whatever - in other words, don't poop on my photo party, at least not always. 5. Don't be offended or take it personally when I need some quiet time alone. 6. Tell me you like something I've created - anything I've created! (bonus points if you can articulate why you like it; double bonus points if you can articulate why you like it without ever using the word "cute") 7. Laugh and play along with me instead of being embarrassed when I do weird stuff like singing "Let It Snow" in public. In July. While trying without much success to sound like Shirley Temple. 8. Listen when I talk - really, truly LISTEN. SEVEN things I want to do before I die: 1. Go to Europe. 2. Go to New Zealand. 3. Go to Australia. 4. Go to Egypt. 5. Go to Alaska. 6. Go to the Grand Canyon. 7. Go to Yellowstone National Park. (Do we sense a theme here???) SIX things I'm afraid of: 1. Spiders (according to one study, the #2 phobia of all, behind public speaking, but ahead of death! I will speak in public until I die before I want to be in close contact with spiders.) 2. Small, closed-in spaces 3. Deep water 4. Dentists 5. Fanaticism (of any persuasion) 6. The thought of those I love being sick or in pain. FIVE things I don't like: 1. Cruelty 2. Willful stupidity (as opposed to someone who is clueless, but willing to learn) 3. TV news 4. Liver 5. Thongs (the undies, not the shoes) FOUR ways to turn me off: 1. Create drama where there doesn't need to be any. 2. Hurt someone weaker than you, including animals. 3. Ignore personal hygiene for extended periods of time. 4. Try to change me. THREE things I do every day: 1. Read 2. Write 3. Walk TWO things that make me happy: 1. Cuddling with J on the couch at the end of the day 2. Watching my dogs play (and playing along) ONE thing on my mind right now: 1. Getting myself out of Heck, preferably to go away somewhere with J for a couple of days. If drinks with umbrellas in them and/or full body massages are part of the deal, so much the better. Want to play along? Tell me so in comments and you can consider yourself officially tagged. Of course you can also comment without requesting a tag. But I bet you knew that. Here's today's Daily Art Thang. We have hundreds upon hundreds of daisies growing wild in our fields. I had to capture at least a few of them in a photo before they get chopped down when they mow the hay next week. "Daisy June"

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