Sunday, June 25, 2006

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #21

Casa Richardson Purge Update: Between the bedroom closet and the studio/library/'puter room I currently have 8 garbage bags in the back seat of my car, filled with clothing, fabric, and other Stuff that I'm giving away. Plus we've hauled out one bag of stuff to be used as shop rags and 6 bags of trash. Gulp. And I'm not quite finished - nearly so, but there's a handful of Stuff still scattered around the house that I need to make decisions about and either put away, find new homes for, or discard. No wonder it was crowded and messy in here, yes? I'm on fire now. I'm thinking I might tackle the pantry next. Yeah, baby! "Sticks of Hope": I heard about this from my friend Jaye. It's a program to help support the City of Hope Pediatric Cancer Center. If you go to the website and write a message of hope or encouragement or even a little joke on a virtual ice cream stick, Nestle will donate 25 cents for every message written. It doesn't cost you anything and all the children undergoing treatment at the center have access to the messages people leave for them. If it sounds good to you, then pop on over to Sticks of Hope and leave a message for the kids! Photos from a Walk: J and I went for a walk yesterday evening and I saw the tiniest frog I've ever seen in my life. (I am using the words frog and toad interchangeably here. I don't know enough about amphibians to know how to tell the difference and frankly don't much care. Heh.) I'd taken the camera along and we were taking turns trying to get some photos of the butterflies and moths hanging out on a stand of butterfly weeds. J had the camera when I looked down by my feet and saw what I thought at first was a spider (shudder) and then realized was an incredibly tiny frog. J came back over and picked him up so I could get a picture: What? He doesn't look so tiny? Take a look here then: I have no idea where his mama was, but I hope he's still out there and ok! Today's Daily Art Thang is one of the aforementioned butterfly pics. I took this one: "A Moment in Late June" (clickable if you want to see it a bit larger in a new window)

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