Thursday, June 29, 2006

Poetry Thursday: Favorite and Not-So-Favorite Words

This week for Poetry Thursday, I'm revisiting the prompt from last week, to write a poem based around words we love, or words we detest, or both. I actually started working on something for that prompt last week, but didn't get it finished by Thursday. However, the process got me thinking about how I work when I do anything creative - quilting, writing, collage, digitally altered photos, all sorts of things - and I realized there's a definite pattern to how I approach most creative endeavors and that pattern is a big part of why I tend to not be able to write anything very quickly for these Poetry Thursday prompts. Possibly that should have been a "duh!" moment for me, but it felt like something of a revelation. I thought about talking about that too, but I have a feeling that's a post that will get long so I think I'll save it for another day - maybe this weekend. Stop back if you're interested in hearing more! Meanwhile, on to the poem. It isn't titled yet. Maybe a title will click for me at some point, maybe not. I'll leave it to you to guess which words might have served as my inspiration and whether they were on my good list or my bad list.
"Ignorance is bliss," they tell her, all complacent affability. "Here's a cocoon - a perfect world. No need to struggle or strive or think." If perfection binds and pulls, and pinches - just a bit, Surely the fault must lie in her. Isn't it enough to be warm, and dry, and safe? On a late summer day he glides into view, all sinuous motion, Holding a bitter seed of rebellion wrapped tight in crisp sweet flesh. "Taste it if you dare," he murmurs, a hot tickle against her skin. "Open your eyes to mysteries unimagined and explore worlds exotic, erotic, esoteric." "Ignorance is bliss," they tell her, all paternal concern. "Knowledge is power," she replies as the juice trickles down her chin.
"Knowledge" If you want to read more poems from an assortment of very talented people, go here and follow the links posted in comments. I bet you'll be glad you did.