Friday, June 30, 2006

This, That, and the Other

This Don't forget, you have the rest of today to suggest possible ideas for next month's self-portraits before I close comments for that post. If you have an idea, post it in the comments section here. There are some GREAT ideas coming in. It's going to be hard to choose. The one thing I will go ahead and say now (in case those who suggested this want to try again) is that I'm not going to do Self-Portrait as a Quilter - not because it isn't a great idea, but because it's such a good idea that I already did it for a different SPC theme! If you want to take a look, click on the archive for November, 2005, and it's the entry for Nov. 1st. (I'll mention too, if you decide to click on the November archives, there's a little audioblog thingie somewhere in that month too for anyone who is sadly delusional enough to think they'd like to hear my voice and hasn't seen/heard that entry yet.) Other than that one suggestion I've already done though, it's still wide open! So go ahead...make some more suggestions and make it even harder for me to choose! That Thank you for all the lovely comments on the poem and photo yesterday. I said I wasn't going to tell which words were Good or Bad, but now that a few of you have guessed, I'll spill. First of all, there weren't any in there that I truly hated. I sort of thought there would be, but the ones I tried just didn't work. (Not because I didn't like them, they just didn't fit. There were several words on the Good list that I thought might work that refused to hang out in that poem too.) That said, I'm not crazy about the word "cocoon." I think saying it aloud sounds like stuttering and also to me the word itself sounds smothering, if that makes sense. That's the word in there that I dislike the most if we're talking about strictly how it sounds rather than what it means. However there were oodles (ha! told you I used that word!) of words in there that I love. I love the sound of: bliss, affability, sinuous, crisp, murmur, tickle, exotic, erotic, esoteric, and trickle! The Other It probably won't be hard to guess from today's Daily Art Thang that my brain is still stuck on the subject of pattern. "Shadow Pattern" I actually got ambitious this week and re-edited some of my favorite past DATs into higher res files and had four of them printed as 8 x 10 prints and framed. Dunno where I'll hang them yet, but I thought it was time to bring some of them out of virtual reality and into my Real World. It may turn out to be a bit addictive!

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