Monday, July 10, 2006

Sunday Stroll (on Monday)

Hi, remember me? I'm oh-so-very late posting any sort of blog entry today. Looks like I should've prepared a couple ahead instead of just one, yes? Oh well. The last of the guests have headed for home, so I'm finally getting around to sharing a photo or two and will hope to get some blog visits done over the next couple of days. We all had a great time, especially on Sunday, when there were 9 people, 4 dogs, and a cat hanging out here. (Well, ok, the cat was mostly hiding.) With everyone's work schedules, it's very hard to find a time to get my husband, father, brother, sister, and their families all here at once, but we managed for a while on Sunday. Yay! We ate a lot, played some games, took a walk, gabbed, had a good time. I even remembered to take my camera with me when we went walking. See, this my sister taking a picture of me while I'm taking a picture of my sister taking a picture of me taking a...oh, never mind. I thought her t-shirt was really cute. In case you can't read it, here's a close-up: And check out the birds my niece drew on her jeans: She's always decorating her clothes. I love seeing what she's wearing when we get together. Speaking of getting together, one thing I love is the fact that when my family gets together we always act very mature and dignified. Ahem. I said "mature and dignified!" There we go. I got a surprise when we were walking - I had poppies about to bloom, after I'd pretty much given up on them: "Poppy Stem" Actually, I have two blooming today. But that's a photo for another day.

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