Saturday, July 08, 2006

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #22

1. My baby sis is celebrating the anniversary of her grand entrance to planet Earth today. I'm glad you were born. 2. I just finished reading "The Secret Life of Bees" tonight - yet another book that I put off reading for ages because it was so hyped that I was sick of hearing about it before I ever picked it up. But I'm so glad I finally did. Pick it up, that is, and read it. I loved it. This is one I think I'll be reading again and again. 3. J and I went to see "Superman Returns" a couple of days ago. Wait. Really, I should put that previous sentence in bold font or all caps or something to make it look more significant. Let me say it again: J and I went to see a movie together! You see, J isn't into movies. Not at ALL. I usually go by myself, so when he's interested in going to see one with me, it's An Event! It happens maybe once a year, at most. And then quite often after we've seen it, his reaction can best be summed up as "enh." But this time, he went with me, with no coaxing on my part, and he actually enjoyed it. He said the words "pretty good" afterward. Seriously, y'all, "pretty good" from J is practically gushing. You can take that as a glowing recommendation of this movie, if you like superhero films. Oh yeah, and I liked it too. :-) 4. I've been meaning for weeks to take a photo of a sign that appeared in the window of a little local mom-n-pop store when it changed hands recently, but I never remembered when I had my camera along. Finally, the other day I did. Take a look and see if you can spot why I started laughing and had to take a photo (identifying info has been blurred to protect the clueless): You may not be able to see what I mean in that photo, so how about this one: What's wrong with this picture? 5. Speaking of pictures (says Her Royal Highness, Queen of Smooth Segue), here's today's D.A.T. - another sunset photo, taken the same night as the one I posted yesterday, but a few minutes later in the evening and from a completely different angle. Very different look, eh? "July Sunset on Gobbler Knob 2" (clickable) 5. J and I are having a houseful of guests this weekend, so if I'm slow to respond to comments or emails, hang in there!

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