Thursday, July 06, 2006

Poetry Thursday: Can you hear me now?

Probably not. Hear me, that is. One part of the (CATO) challenge for Poetry Thursday this week is to record yourself reading one of your poems. I tried, I really did, despite the fact that I detest hearing my own voice when it's recorded. (It sounds MUCH better in my head! Heh.) But last night I couldn't access audioblogger at all and once I finally did get through this morning and got a recording done that didn't make me want to hurl chunks when I listened to it they (audioblogger, that is) seem to have eaten it or something. Sigh. If it ever shows up and you want to have a listen, what I did was record the poem I wrote and posted last week. If you want to read along as I read it aloud, you can click here and the written version will open in a new window. Also, some of you may remember that last week I was talking a little about creativity and methods of working and saying I might write a few thoughts on that. I did. If you missed it and want to have a look, it was this past Saturday's blog post. I've had no time to even think about the other part of this week's challenge - to write and/or talk about intensely personal or confessional poetry, or honestly to even decide if I want to go there on the internet. If I do, I'll revisit that one another week. In the meantime I don't want to leave you entirely poetry-less on your visit here today, so here's one that's short and...well, not sweet, but interesting. Upon Entering I shall die in my boots. Kick open the saloon doors of heaven or hell, lasso the darkest hombre and shoot any hat in the house who doesn't buy me a drink. ~~~Kim Konopka "Walking through Fire" (clickable to see it larger in a new window)

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