Saturday, July 15, 2006

Virtual Press Conference

I'm finding myself a bit dry of blog topics at the moment. I hate when that happens! Apparently it's going around though, because I've run across the same theme - the same lament! - on several of my favorite blogs lately. I could, of course, toss another meme or quiz or something at you. And I might soon. Don't think you're escaping them, since y'all KNOW how I looooves me some quizzes and lists! HA! But today I thought I'd try something different - an idea I'm borrowing from Michelle and Liz Elayne. I'm holding a Red Shoe Ramblings Virtual Press Conference and throwing the floor open for questions. As much as I blather on about myself, I can't imagine what anyone would want to know that I haven't already talked about, but let's see if there's anything you ever wondered about me, my art, my blog, whatever. If there's a question you'd like to see me answer, from the silly to the sublime, ask it in comments and I'll answer* in a future blog post or two. Let's see how many of you are actually reading this weekend! :-) For today's DAT I'm showing you a self-portrait runner-up. I thought it was interesting, but I wasn't quite happy enough with it to feature it for the Self-Portrait Challenge. I felt like I could never get the face to match up with the body enough for it to totally work. This was a variation on an idea suggested by Dara (whose Geisha idea I used this past Tuesday). She suggested a self-portrait as a mermaid. Here, instead, is a self-portrait as a statue of a mermaid. It's my face imposed on a sand sculpture I photographed in Nashville last year. "Self-Portrait as a Sand-Sculpture Mermaid" (clickable) close-up *I'm not going to absolutely promise to answer anything and everything, as I reserve the right to maybe not want to post some things out there on the internet where anyone and everyone can find them. But I will answer anything within reason, and if I choose not to answer something you ask I'll tell you why.

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