Wednesday, July 19, 2006

R is for...

Time for another WordPlay Personal Dictionary Entry! If you want to know more about how and why I started doing this series of posts, read my "A is for..." entry. If you want to see a list of more people doing the same thing, check out Laume's WordPlay site. Now here we go... R is for... Richardson - The family I married into. Besides liking my husband (har!), I really like his last name. It sounds decent with my first name and hardly anyone ever misspells it. (My maiden name is easy to pronounce but frequently misspelled.) Roses, Rhododendrons, Rosemary - R-plants I like, especially roses. I used to be so into roses that at our last house I planted a formal rose garden with over 100 plants, pathways, a watering system, the works. I loved that garden but it was an unbelievable amount of work, so when we moved I didn't even try to recreate it. Now I just have a half-dozen or so rose bushes mixed in among other plants. Raspberries - R-food I like. In fact, if I had to single out just one fruit as my favorite ever, it would be raspberries. Red - Great color, especially for hair and for shoes. Rebel (Rebel Lee; aka: T.C. [Too Cute], Prancer, Big Bear) - One of our former dogs and my personal favorite dog of any I've ever had. He was a chow mix with a beautiful face and a beautiful heart. I still miss him a lot. Riley (Riley Susannah; aka: Riley Sue, Li'l Bit, FuzzButt, Riletta) - The youngest of our current dogs. She's a who-knows-what mix (we think there might be some German Shepherd and maybe some Collie or Sheltie in there, but beyond that your guess is as good as mine!). She's a bit shy and very sweet-natured. She's a very close second for my favorite-ever. Rainbows - Pretty! Restaurants - Check it out: You tell someone what you want to eat and they cook it and bring it to you in exchange for money! THEN, as if that weren't enough, you walk away and leave the dirty dishes on the table and someone comes along and cleans them up! Genius. Seriously, I'm tellin' ya, people...Sheer Genius. "Replay" - One of my all-time favorite books. Rook - When I was in college, Rook was one of my favorite card games, but I haven't played in years. I bet I'd still like it though. Reincarnation - I believe in it. Reading - When pronounced like "reeding", one of my all-time-favorite activities; when pronounced like "redding", an area of Cincinnati I lived in for a while several years ago. Rusty stuff - Things I like to photograph. Ray (Charles) - Love his music! Rent - A musical I love to watch and/or listen to. Recipes- Things I love to read, then ignore. I have a vast recipe collection, but I am almost constitutionally incapable of making a recipe without tweaking it somehow, if not throwing out altogether and just sort of taking it as a suggestion that gives me an idea for my own thing. (J calls that "Debbieizing" recipes.) Relax - Something I wish I was better at doing on demand. I literally don't understand the concept of relaxing my body unless my mind is already feeling relaxed. I've tried, really I have. But I don't get it. Rings - These are second only to earrings as my favorite jewelry, but I don't wear a bunch of them at a time. On my left hand I wear my engagement ring, wedding ring, and an anniversary band that belonged to my mother. On my right I wear one ring of some kind, but it changes nearly every day according to my outfit and my mood. Really, "Rutro", Right - R-words I say a lot. Radical, Ravishing, Relentless, Refuge - R-words I like. "R is for..." (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window)

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