Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tuesday Night Rock Star Quickie

JD: Well damn. Here I've settled into dismissing him and tonight...tonight, for the first time in WEEKS he wowed me. Not once, but twice. Great job on both songs. Damn. (I still think he's an asshole, but...) Suzie: Still love her. Great job on both songs, although I wish she'd done something a little more rockin' and dance-able as an original, just for the contrast with "I Can't Make You Love Me". Dave said what I've been saying for weeks - that she has the best vocal quality and control of the group. But does her style fit INXS? We'll see... MiG: Love him in general, but I wasn't super-wowed tonight. He did a good job on "Hard To Handle" but I wasn't impressed with his original. It was obviously heartfelt, but it just didn't grab me. Jordis: Jordis, Jordis, Jordis...what's happened, sweetie? I still adore your voice, but you've just given up. Even the band has noticed. I'm afraid I think it might be time for you to go home. I still hope some record producer lets you make your own music, though. Marty: Whatcha wanna bet "Trees" is the encore tomorrow? I still don't think his vocal range or control is nearly as good as either Suzie or MiG, but I have to admit, tonight he ROCKED. "Trees" is very earworm-y. Brooke Burke: Shouldn't someone have told her she forgot her clothes before she came on stage? How embarrassing! Oh well, at least she won't have to waste time changing when she goes home and goes to bed. Just kick off the spike heels and the chandelier earrings and she's off to dreamland in that pretty pink satin nightie or robe or whatever the hell she was almost wearing. Meow. Overall, an impressive show tonight, IMO. Can't wait to see what they do tomorrow night! Now I'll go off to dreamland myself so I can get up at the crack of sparrow fart in the morning and go earn a paycheck. Bleah.