Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Temporary Hor-O?

Laurie just posted the monthly Hor-O-Scopes over at Crazy Aunt Purl and mine was uncanny. Really. Just all too freakily me. My birthday is March 15, so I'm a Pisces and she should've put my photo next to that entry. Oy. And because I have an Aquarius ascendant and several planets in Aquarius, I always read that one too. Um...interesting. I really think it sounds like that's going to be the word for September. Interesting. Speaking of interesting - or NOT - if I'm a bit scarce around here for a while, it's because I went out today and signed myself up to do some temp work for a while. Bleah. I am essentially lazy and I love my freedom and my solitude. Also I have a short attention span and a low boredom threshold. (See also the Hor-O-Scope mentioned above!) So me and "real jobs"? Not the best fit in the world. But sometimes we just gotta do what we gotta do, and right now I feel like I've gotta do this. But the nice thing about doing temp work is that it is, by its very definition, temporary. Meaning maybe soon things will settle back into a groove around here and I can go back to spending way too much time in this one small room with my stash, my sewing machine, my art supplies, and my computer. I can hope anyway. Heh. And finally, because Gabrielle and Valeri did this, I'll do it too: person of power You were a person of power in your previous life! Some sort of royalty or leader, your lessers looked up to you for guidance. You may have abused your power, or you may not have, but the effects of your stint in the high seat have been branded to your soul. You now often take charge of situations and love to have power. You have the potential for great or terrible feats. What/who were you in your previous life? brought to you by Quizilla Um...yeah. Okaaaaay..... I liked Gabrielle's and Valeri's results better. I need to go back and change my answers. ;-)