Saturday, September 03, 2005

Order From Chaos and Postcard Photos

I meant to blog yesterday. I really, truly did. But I've just been feeling so overwhelmed and depressed about everything that I couldn't seem to motivate myself to do it. I didn't want to be on the computer. I didn't want to see TV coverage or listen to the radio. I wanted - believe it or not - to clean house. (Deb waits for those who know her well to regain consciousness.) I know, I know...VERY un-Deb-like behavior. But it doesn't take a psychology degree to figure out that I was craving a way to bring a bit of order to a small corner of a big world that feels way too chaotic right now. So I swept and damp-mopped the wood floors. I vacuumed the carpeted ones. I changed the sheets on the beds. I baked a cake. I ran the dishwasher and then actually emptied it and put everything away when it was done. I dusted. I wiped down counter tops. Of course the one room I didn't get to (other than vacuuming) is the one that needs it the most....the studio. Oy. I took some photos yesterday, but am not going to post it unless the mood stays with me long enough to clean in here. If that happens, I'll post some before and after shots. It's a total dump in this room, even by my standards, which are fairly low in the housework area. I'm suddenly really feeling all this clutter that I don't usually notice. I had this same reaction just after helping to sort through my mom's and my grandma's things after they died. I went through periods where I just looked around my house and thought "Ugh! Too much clutter! Too much STUFF! It's gotta GO!" Unfortunately the mood never lasts. I have major packrat genes from both sides of the family and those are hard to overcome. But I feel it coming on again. Time to clear some stuff out of my house and life and maybe I can send some of it where it'll do some good in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, I'll share some photos of some postcards I sent out a week or so ago, now that I've found that they've all arrived at their destinations. This is one I sent to Debra as a thank you for a fun shoe-related gift she sent me a while back: "Hot Spots" And these two went to FiberPirates kristen and Sarah as prizes for answering an email movie trivia question: "Tequila Sunrise 1" "Tequila Sunrise 2" I actually intended those to sort of line up and look like parts of the same photo, like a dyptich with each portion on opposite sides of the country. But I goofed on how I did the line where the water met the sand. Oops! Oh. Well. I still like them. (And yes, I realized that if it had worked there would have been two suns in the sky. But they both NEEDED a sun. So we'll assume this a beach on an alien world or something, ok? Ok.) Now I need to get myself busy on the postcards for the web ring swap. Unless the person reading this is Lisa, in which case --- hahaha, just kidding...of COURSE I don't mean I haven't even started mine yet. Ahem. (I really will finish them well before the deadline, y'all --- promise. Once I ever get started, I work fast!) ;-)