Monday, August 22, 2005

AQS Expo and Political Satire

AQS Nashville So....anybody going to the AQS Expo in Nashville this weekend? Anybody who isn't going but has a quilt there? I know Gerrie will have a quilt there in the Ultimate Guild Challenge section....anyone else? A friend and I are going to visit another friend in Alabama this weekend (and will meet up with 2 more friends there as well!). And since we're all quilters and we literally have to drive right past Nashville to get to AlabamaFriend's house, we plan a speedy visit to the show on Friday. So if anyone who reads RSR is going to have a quilt showing there or, even better, is going to be there themselves, drop me a line so I know to look for your wonderful work and/or your smiling face! The Satire Post I was visiting Diane Wilke's Tarot blog and she had a link to this blog entry: "George and Lance: A Conversation" It's satire. I know it is. So why can I picture it happening just like that?

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