Thursday, September 01, 2005

What to Say? What to Do?

Like everyone else, I'm horrified at the devastation along the gulf coast. Every time I see more photos and hear more stories I feel weepy and sick. It's so frustrating to see so many in need of the most basic essentials NOW and so little getting through. I may not have the resources right now to do much, but J and I were talking about how many times we waste money on things we don't really need, and how we're so lucky to have a roof over our heads, and clean water to drink, and to know where our loved ones are, so we felt like we can't not help at least a little. So I've sent some money to the American Red Cross and to Noah's Wish. I hope any of you who can possibly manage it will do the same. Or if you don't like either of those organizations, look around and find another way to help. You can check out how many different organizations disperse donations at Charity Navigator. I'd sure hope someone would try to help me if I was in such a desperate situation. Also, for any quilters who may not have already heard about this, there are several different groups trying to collect quilts for people who have lost their homes and all their belongings. Quilters Comfort America is being organized by Karey Bresenhan in Houston and is looking for quilts they can hand out immediately to the many refugees being sent to Houston. Quilts For Katrina is being organized by Jill Kuraitis and the Quilt Mavericks, with the help of the American Quilters Society and is collecting bed quilts to give to people throughout the disaster area. You can read details about what they're looking for and how to donate on their websites. Off to see what I have that might work...

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