Thursday, August 25, 2005

On The Road Again and brief INXS commentary

(I can too be brief! Shut up!!) The usual INXS spoiler warnings apply. If you didn't watch last night and don't want to know what happened, go away and come back later. I'm getting ready to turn off the 'puter and take off on a little road trip to Alabama, by way of Waynesburg, Kentucky, and Nashville, Tennessee. I should be back either late Sunday or possibly Monday - not sure yet. The friends I'm staying with have 'puters, so I may log on and check in from the road. Or then again I may pretend I never heard of 'puters for the next few days. Hard to say! soon, but I'm not sure how soon. ;-) On to Rock Star: INXS Last night made me a little sad. I think the decision to send Deanna home was the right one for the band, but the timing was particularly sucky considering that I thought she gave what was probably her best performance of the series on Tuesday night. You could tell she took it really hard and I don't blame her. The group has been thinned down to the point where there really aren't any bad ones left. (Well, not musically anyway. Heh.) They're all super-talented and it's just a matter of INXS finding the best fit for the band. But that makes elimination night that much harder. I felt bad for all of them last night. I was excited to hear that there's going to be a compilation CD of songs from the contestants' performances. I want it!! Ok...later 'gators!